Genetic Causes of Social Anxiety

For years social anxiety disorder (SAD) has been thought to be caused from environmental circumstances. Recently there has been a lot of research to determine if there are any genetic causes of social anxiety disorder. Genetic and family studies in SA are still in their infancy, but there has been much progress made. SA is a relatively new disorder, it was discovered in 1980. Even though most people are unaware that this disorder exists, SAD is the third most common psychiatric disorder, preceded only by depression and alcoholism according to the Medical Research Council on SAD.To date studies on the relationship between genetics and social anxiety disorder have been inconsistent. However, studies with animals are providing evidence that suggest SA can be inherited. In recent research, supported by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), researchers have been able to identify the site of a gene in mice that affects learned fearfulness.There are also many researchers that conclude that there are genetic causes of social anxiety disorder. Many children will have a parent or both parents with an anxiety disorder, not necessarily social anxiety disorder. They believe the child inherits certain traits of their parents Behavioral Inhibition. Behavioral Inhibition is basically a pattern of behavior involving withdrawal, avoidance, fear of the unfamiliar, and a tendency to react negatively to new situations or things. Studies show that these inherited traits lead to the development of SAD in adolescence.Jerome Kagan, PH.D, a researcher at Harvard, has conducted studies on the genetic causes of SAD. The results of his study of children from infancy to adolescence concluded that “10-15% of children to be irritable infants who become shy, fearful and behaviorally inhibited as toddlers, and then remain cautious, quiet, and introverted in their early grade school years. In adolescence they had a much higher than expected rate of SAD.” This evidence suggests that people are born with SAD or with traits that will more than likely lead to its development. Kegan also uncovered a common physiological trait in his study group; they all had a high resting heart rate, which climbed even higher in stressful situations. This is another indicator that there is a link between genetics and social anxiety.Of course there may be other factors that contribute to the development of SAD, such as psychological modeling or environmental circumstances, however the evidence that supports the genetic causes is getting stronger. Research has also concluded that people who have SAD are likely to have a family member with social anxiety as well.

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Role of Mobile Application Service Providers

There is a wide arena of mobile applications like – healthcare, disaster management, mobile learning, transportation, enterprise solutions, activity recognition, social sensing, m-learning, crowd sourcing, twittering, social network driven and many others. Many third party companies are there which provide service to these apps. These companies have extensive expertise in mobile development and have the ability to design and develop various apps on platforms including -Blackberry, iPhone, Google Android G1, iPad, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Brew devices. The developers in these companies are highly experienced and have great knowledge in all the advanced technologies like – J2ME, Brew,.NET etc. and develop robust apps that are based on industry standards and enable the organizations to reach new levels of business performance.

There are numerous mobile application service providers worldwide, who provide various types of features to the customers. They provide a workforce with remote access to work details, like – work order location, contact information, required completion date, asset history, applicable contracts. Not only this, the service providers enable the organizations to update work order status in real-time by facilitating excellent communication. The organizations are allowed to access corporate services and information anytime and anywhere. Other than this, they play an important role in providing remote access to the embodied domain at the job location.

Customers can use their mobile devices to get information, make purchases, and communicate with their corporate systems. To meet the specific needs of the users, mobile development companies are building applications that are best suited to the business environment. They cover various domains including – network programming, wireless protocols etc. and assist a lot in migrating the applications to 3G and 4G standards. They hire high-end professionals who are experienced in programming, web application development, website development, and website database solutions development.

A mobile application service providers are a part of a growing industry sector that resulted from two trends – 1) mobile communications and 2) Outsourcing. These companies provide the same benefits for mobile apps as a regular provider does. They also provide Web-based access to applications that would have to be stored locally. The service providers enable customers to access from a variety of wireless devices, Like – PDAs and Smartphones.

Many professionals and businesses are rejecting the idea of mobile communication, as it incurs a large set-up and maintenance costs. It also needs in-house expertise, but, some hosts are offering businesses; the advantage of mobile service with less expenditure. As the mobile applications are subscribed to, rather than purchasing, up-front costs are lower. The companies themselves provide support, staff and low training costs.

In conclusion, we can say, the mobile application service providers play a vital role in the growth and development of an organization. Their services range from the upfront design consulting to capturing the requirements and specification development to code development to final testing. The experts can build mobile applications to handle the needs on any wireless devices.


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Setting Up An Online Business in 2013

The best work from home businesses are based on the internet. The internet offers you the widest possible audience and with the right systems in place, an audience who can buy from you 24 hours a day, 7 days week. Even while you are sleeping! Setting up an online business from home was not possible in the past but with modern technology those entrepreneurs who learn to embrace the new digital economy are the one who will have a long-term success with their work from home business.Setting up an online business does not need the large amount of start-up funding associated with traditional bricks and mortar businesses. You can work from home if you have a computer and access to the internet. You do not need to rent a shop or warehouse premises, you do not have to employ staff and you do not have to invest money into stock.A lot people like the idea of setting up an online business but do nothing about it. They might say they do not have enough time or do not understand technology. They may say that they do not have enough contacts or experience for an online business start-up. But it is not a question of not having the sufficient resources, it is a case of not having sufficient resourcefulness!Your resourcefulness is all about your creativity and determination to get things done. What is really stopping you from setting up an online business? Is it really the lack of resources or the fear of stepping into the unknown and failing? Many great entrepreneurs have failed at something at sometime in their life. If you want a work from home business you have resourceful, to be willing to learn and have a burning passion to succeed.We all have the same 24 hours in day and how we spend them is due to many factors. Your job, your family, your hobbies and so on. Successful people have jobs and families and hobbies too. You have to use your time wisely so that everything you do in setting up an online business is based on a solid platform for success.When you are setting up an online business you are going to have to invest some money into your business. Remember, that it is a business and not a hobby. Some people think that you can make millions online by doing very little and pushing a few buttons. But you cannot. After all, if you could, wouldn’t everybody be doing it? You do need to be willing to spend some money on a website, have a marketing budget and invest in online business trainingOne of the great things about setting up an online business is that there is a lot of very useful technology that either costs very little or nothing at all. However, you would not attempt to climb a mountain without having the proper training and guide to show you the way. Somebody who has climbed the mountain before and knows where all the dangerous areas are and the correct route to get to the top.The same is when you are setting up an online business. If you are willing to learn from somebody who has gone before you and has had success, your route to success will be a lot quicker.

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