Top 10 Travel Tips to Protect You From the H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic

At last you’ve got some well earned leave for a winter vacation. Perhaps it’s your last opportunity to take advantage of those recession- buster bargain flight deals.There’s just one major problem to consider. Whether you’re planning a family ski venture in a winter wonderland, or escaping to sunnier climates in the Southern Hemisphere, you’ll need to take special care when travelling. Because this winter, the H1N1 swine flu is also enjoying a successful world tour – of pandemic proportions. And you could be on its hit list!So here’s your instant top 10 travel-tip check-list, to help you and your loved ones enjoy a great and healthy holiday, while reducing your chances of infection by the H1N1 Swine Flu virus.(1) If you exhibit possible H1N1 symptoms close to your departure date, STAY AT HOME! Don’t put others at risk. Should you fall ill while abroad, contact your Embassy, High Commission or Consulate for advice on English speaking doctors and local medical services.(2) Check-out the health status of your destined country – before you depart. You can do this online, via the World Health Organisation website. When arriving, some countries screen passengers for Swien Flu symptoms and quarantine suspected cases. Get all appropriate vaccinations required for your destination (including seasonal flu).(3) Ensure you have comprehensive travel/health insurance, check for exclusions and special clauses. Also find out your tour operator’s policy for assisting clients exposed to the H1N1 virus.(4) Prepare an emergency flu prevention and medical travel kit, small and light enough to pack into your luggage. If you’re flying,check the current airport security restrictions for items you can carry in hand luggage – particularly liquids. Include adequate supplies of alcohol-wipes, hand-cleaning gel, disposable tissues, basic medical supplies for flu symptoms (ibuprofen, etc.)(5) While en-route, by plane: use anti-bacterial wipes to clean surrounding surfaces (chair-arms, seat-belt, light button, etc.) Avoid touching shared magazines. Take your own pillow and blanket. By train/bus, try to keep windows open for maximum ventilation. (Likewise hotel rooms or apartments.)(6) KEEP WASHING YOUR HANDS, properly and frequently. Ideally use warm, running water and soap. When travelling, this isn’t always an option. So keep a supply of anti-bacterial wipes and hand cleaning gels. Shower regularly, especially after journeys. Change into fresh clothes and discard or wash worn garments. When washing unavailable, refrain from touching eyes, nose and mouth.(7) Drink lots of bottled water, it’s essential you keep your body rehydrated.(8) Avoid crowded gatherings or close confinement with other people – especially anyone showing flu-like symptoms. Wipe public surfaces before touching (like door handles, counters, washroom-seats, etc.)(9) Avoid contact with animals – particularly on livestock markets. Animal to human transmission is extremely rare, perhaps impossible at present. But animals may harbour the virus. So the less you expose yourself to it, the better.(10) After returning from an affected area, closely monitor you health for one to two weeks for flu-like symptoms (sore-throat, cough, runny nose, headache, muscle aches, etc.) Should you show symptoms, get in touch with your doctor or local hospital – by phone, immediately.All of these tips are recommended by health officials. Although there is no magic formula that can protect you from swine flu, by following these recommendations you’ll reduce significantly the chance of infection. Enjoy a fun and relaxing vacation, and stay healthy.Copyright (c) 2009 Mark Farrell

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Pre-Home Buying Checklist

One thing that you see a lot of online is lists of things to do when purchasing a home. Most of them are fairly similar as there is an established set of steps that buyers go through during the sale process. One thing you don’t see too much of is things that you should not do, so that is where we are going to start.Things Not To Do – Before buying a home, having your finances completely sorted is essential and one thing that can easily mess with that is a large purchase. Even if you have the money available, avoid making any large purchases for months before you buy a home as the simplest things can show up when your lender goes to look at your credit rating. So purchases like cars or vacations should be avoided. Besides, with the home purchase you are going to need every cent you have. Another thing that you should not do is skip any of the inspections with a home. Many people try to skip the inspection, believing that the property is in good shape because everything appears in order at a glance. Skipping inspections has been responsible for more troubles and buyer’s remorse than most people know. And of course, the last item is not to leave everything until the last moment. You really don’t need to be running around looking for things right now, there are more important issues to deal with.Now let’s look at the other side of the equation. The things that you will absolutely want to make sure you have done before buying your home. Everyone in this situation will want to spend some time shopping for the best mortgage possible. Also when it comes to a loan and the actual sale of the home, make sure you get everything in writing. This is more for your peace of mind than anything else. In case there are any points of contention you can show the terms of the deal/loan for reference. Make sure that you have every aspect of the move planned right down to the minute. This comes in handy when trying to get organized for the actual move day. Finally, make sure that you are choosy about the home you offer on. Ideally the home will be perfect for you now, and will still suit your needs 10 years down the road. But most of all, have fun when searching for your home, this whole process should be a memorable event!

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A Payday Loan Lender Watching The Political Race

Why would a payday loan company be interested in politics? When it is about this country’s debt or the situations behind financial institutions, it becomes an important topic of interest for a payday loan lender to know about.Without taking sides of which party says or does what, but more like a look inside at how things are run to give you a glimpse and you can feel free to choose your own side. If you are in debt or live paycheck to paycheck you may want to follow the political race for President. Political policies are very important to American finances this year.The current administration started out working with some pretty big tasks without much success. When there is contention between the two parties to prevent legislation from passing, it is not just about the politicians who have failed, but the effect this failure has on the struggling economy of this country.Excess household debt, which has been a creation of many years of living beyond one’s means is a very large problem holding the county back from economic recovery. Mortgage companies, banks, credit unions, even payday loan lenders have been confronted, reformed and government managed in order to handle the American people’s money more professionally and responsibly. But, debt is debt and until it is completely handled, the debt will grow fed by interest and longevity.We live in a society where one person’s spending of income is dependent on another person to earn income in order to spend somewhere else. Have limited spending will trickle into the other person’s income and affect their spending as well. It is confusing and depressing.Debt eats at income leaving less to go towards other businesses and the economic cycle drags on. Payday loan lenders see this first hand with their customers. Before this cycle can come to a halt, there needs to be some sort of additional help set up from the government. And here lies the stalemate between the political parties.It is an election year. Big policies are being used as political board walks trying to get one party elected over another. Proposals are made, but with no compromise on the table, they are shot down and the country is left with no reform.Could one answer be that the government needs to spend more to support the economy? Can there be cutbacks in government spending along with creating jobs and providing debt relief for the American people? Reducing the burden on Americans who are in financial trouble will improve the overall economy and the government needs to spend money to make money.The tax cuts which were put in place over a decade ago by the Bush administration will be ending this year. The present administration had already attempted to put in place an extension to the tax credit but it did not involve all income levels. Needless to say, the extension was rejected and the year-end clock continues to tick away. What will the average person do if taxes increase sharply?It is time for all of us Americans to pay close attention to the politics of our elected politicians. There is no room for stubbornness or pride to get in the way. A country run by egos who will side with parties for the sake of having each other’s back is not going to solve the stalemate problems. People have to work together and compromise, agree to disagree, and fight for the people who struggle each day to be successful in their own lives. Doing so would reflect on this country’s worth, both financially and patriotically.

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